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Harp Design is a business focused, commercial design and refurbishment company, who assist you with your renovation in a way that suits you. If you work with us, the team will take the time to get to know you and your business, and will help you in the way you feel comfortable. 

Based in London and the South East of the UK, Harp Design service business throughout the UK and Europe. 

Why Us? 

Download our PDF Presentation to see why you should ask us help you with your business

"Hayley and her team at Harp  have become an integral part of my team that are creating two new high end holiday complexes"


​Chris Brooks

Beyond Escapes

Press play to see what Corey Biffa from St Georges Hospital University has to say about Harp.....

 "We would happily recommend Harp to any other businesses looking for services of this kind."  


Terence Howard

Celebrity Chef and Owner of The Creek 

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