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When you're creating a brand or re-branding your business it is so important to find out the soul of your business, defining this and developing every message to your clients is essential to your initial and continued success. 

At Harp we can help you at every step of the way with workshops tailored to your needs, Brand Identity Documents, Brochures and Print Literature as well as Digital Assistance. Harp Design have a team of talented designers who are passionate about businesses and who can help you get under the skin of how to establish and / or develop your brand.


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MAS Logo, Further developed 20.11.2018.p


MAS was a fantastic Grab and go coffee chain business that we had the pleasure of working on in 2019. It was designed with a rollout in mind and the Harp Team worked with the client on every aspect of the Branding and Interior design schemes from Art to Uniform, to packaging. It was amazing seeing this concept come to life and thrive. Click on the PDF documents here to see the design packs we provided for the client. 


Brand Design Pack


Interior Design Pack


"Creating or refining a brand is one of the most rewarding jobs. I watch people get super excited about their brand and then see their business thrive" 

Hayley Roy 

Business Owner

Why Choose Us?

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About Harp

As a specialist in design, your business will find working with Harp Design a refreshing experience due to the unique approach of our design team.


At Harp we work around your needs. Some Designers have a style and dictate to you how they work, Harp's team work differently, we LISTEN, learn about you and come up with a solution to what you need. 

From brand to build, you get assistance to ensure your project runs smoothly, working with experienced people who really care about your business.

Project - Fernando's Grill 


Fernando's Grill - Branding and Interior Designed by Harp

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