CDM and Principal Designer

Providing practical, user-friendly Health & Safety advice under CDM 2015 legislation​

CDM 2015 came into force on 6 October 2015 and applies to all building and construction projects, regardless of the size, duration and nature of the work.

The aim of CDM 2015 is to make Health & Safety an essential and integral part of the design, planning and management of any project and to identify, eliminate or control as far as is practical, risk to the health and safety of any person working on the construction, affected by it or who will use or maintain the structure once completed.

The principal features of CDM 2015 include:

  • The introduction of a Principal Designer in place of a CDM Coordinator

  • Strengthening of Client duties;

  • Introduction of Domestic Clients;

  • Principal Designer and Principal Contractor  required on all projects where there is more than one contractor working on the project;

  • Replacement of explicit requirement for duty holder competence with the need for appropriate Information, Instruction, Training & Supervision;

  • Change to the HSE’s Notification level


If you need help with your CDM or need a company to take on the Principle Designer Role call us today.  ​

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