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Hayley and her team have great energy and their success in growing their business speaks for itself! Our project encountered some bumps with the contractors (which project doesn’t!) but their leverage with contractors really helped to get things sorted. Our coffee shop still looks fantastic today and we are now using the same colours and furniture in our new Sudbury store, sourcing this via Harp

Hannah Powell, Communications & HR Director at Perrywood Garden Centre


The designer and project manager for Perrywood Garden Centre Restaurant was Hayley Roy. The client asked us to design and Project Manage the full scheme. 


"Perrywood Restaurant project has been one of the proudest projects I have completed, the design we created made a huge difference to the look but mainly the feel of the restaurant. We worked a lot on the acoustics of the design to reduce the noise and it made a massive difference to the restaurant. Hannah had a lot of influence in the design (as you can see from her outfit) and it was a real pleasure to bring all of her ideas to life."

Hayley Roy, Lead Designer


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