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Monumental Ink’s new studio needs to follow their strong brand identity and link to the Colchester branch, with a twist!

The brief is to create a boutique feel through super sleek and fresh design, to create an environment that is inviting to all. Creating a sense of value, akin to the way artists art galleries are seen, is important to Monumental Ink's brand. With competition being so strong, creating an experience through design is vital in separating them from the herd.


Working with Harp was awesome! Sarah and the team at Harp comforted all of my fears and needs, they listened and understood our vision.


I am super happy with the final result, it looks better than I could have ever imagined and I had a great experience along the way! Thank you Harp Design

Aaron Clarke


The designers for Monumental Ink were Sarah Hicks and Hayley Roy. Read what Sarah had to say about working on this project: 


Working with Aaron was genuinely a life changing experience – it's exciting when you make a connection with someone, not only on a business level but also a personal level. His enthusiasm, passion, knowledge, and way of thinking is inspiring and infectious. The opportunity to assist him in the design of his latest studio was awesome and I feel really proud to have achieved a result that Aaron and his team were so happy with. It was a lot of fun collaborating with such a creative mind!



Sarah Lawrence, Interior Designer

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