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The Most AMAZING Testimonial from our customer!

Harp Interiors Testimonial

When we decided after over thirty years that it was time for our family run catering business the Lon Wah Restaurant was to finally have an extensive refurbishment, it was clear that we required an interior designer to realise our ideas for it’s new appearance and to project manage the task in hand.

Hayley [Harp Interiors] provided everything we required and further than anything we had expected. There was a real understanding that this was to a huge financial undertaking but was sympathetic to our budgetary restraints, Hayley also understood that this was to be a project of a deeply personal significance and took the opportunity to revamp the restaurant with enthusiasm.

It was a joy to create designs that melded ideas that we the clients had and to those of Hayley’s. Designs and ideas of not only aesthetics, but with her experience of materials on a practical level with the very nature of the working environment within a restaurant. Harp Interiors had an extensive list of contractors that worked well together to create our combined visions and provided a flexible workflow to allow for alterations needed when an issue presented itself.

Most impressive of all is the communication Hayley provided, not only between the variety of contractors and suppliers but also the willingness to communicate with us through out the project, there is a sense that our vested interests as a client were first.

I will without any doubt recommend Harp Interiors to anyone who is interested and from the changes made to the Lon Wah there is more than a little interest as who created this synergy of ideas to breathe new life to our restaurant.

Yan Kit Man

Partner and propierter of the Lon Wah Restaurant.

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