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Buyers Guide to Pub Furniture

Pub Furniture has really changed over the last few years. Pubs or Public Houses have gone from being many of them simply just for drinking to them turning more gastro and food orientated. The furniture has reflected this, many pubs need to have areas that are versatile, some for dining early evening and then turning into a club type environment. Others have a dining area and a bar area where snacks are served.

Furniture needs to be versatile whilst still creating a sense of style so customers want to spend time in the environment, spending their money on food and drink. Pieces needs to be easy to move around but strong enough to withstand the heavy use that your customers will give it.Furniture needs to be strong. Some pub owners buy their furniture in retail stores, not realising that retail products are not built in the same way as contract products. When furniture is sat on day in, day out, and often used buy people who might have one too many vodkas, it needs to be built to last. You might pay an extra cost for a chair but it needs to be built specifically for the environment intended.

There are many specialists in the market that claim to be selling furniture ideal for pubs and restaurants. Be careful of importers that are only importing retail products that are not specifically designed for heavy use. Make sure you have checked the construction is specifically designed for the use intended before spending your hard earned cash.Some recommended suppliers include ChairsGB. Char man from ChairsGB (no pun intended, John Roy tells us how the products are different from domestic products. "When constructing our products we use plywood seats instead of webbing and springs that are used in the traditional domestic upholstery, this means the product is much stronger, seats don't sag and the products last for years and years. Our customers are always very pleased"

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