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La Hogue - Another Happy Client!

Harp Interiors have recently finished the La Hogue project and it's looking awesome with a very happy client!

Thank you for the Lovely Testimonial Jo, it has been an absolute Pleasure to work with you and your team at La Hogue.

"We approached Harp interiors to help us with the redesign and refurbishment of our very busy cafe. We were given two options on how to proceed with the project either a speedy redesign or a slower process where we met with two of their lovely designers each month for 6 months in order to build up a picture of what we wanted. We chose the slower route and thoroughly enjoyed the process of choosing each element of the new design. The refurbishment was completed three weeks ago and we are absolutely delighted with the result. The cafe has been completely transformed into a contemporary and inviting space and most importantly our customers love the new look too."

Joanna Reeks

Partner, La Hogue Farm Foods

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