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Lon Wah Chinese Restaurant

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Lon Wah Chinese Restaurant is a 3rd Generation Family run business. William and Sam have not long taken on the business and they wanted to invest in it's future. Dining in the restaurant was an experience, the service was very good and the food was excellent.

The standard of the experience was a cut above the buffet restaurants that kept popping up in the local area and they obviously had so much more to give. The interior decoration was the only thing stopping the business reaching it's full potential, the whole interior had not been renovated since around the 80's and it was the only negative feedback Sam and William were getting from their customers.

Hayley went to visit the restaurant and experienced the food and service first hand. She was very excited about the project and was keen to help the owners achieve their full potential. Harp Interiors took on the project and completed the renovation and design work on time in February 2015.

More pictures to follow :-)


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