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Is your Brand Dead?

Your Brand is your Identity!

You can pay a lot of money to someone who can design you a brand. You can make your logo and your signs, your brochures and your leaflets beautiful! But is that where it ends?

A Brand is a way of living for every employee, everyone employed within your business has to live and breathe your brand, every message that a customer gets needs to be a reflection of their brand. Everything you do in a business needs to be focused around telling the customer that you are a consistent business that delivers what they want, making them feel good about doing business with you.

How to make sure your interior screams your brand:

  • Ensure your brand is consistent throughout your marketing material.

  • Ensure that your complete interior is giving your customer the right messages by speaking to an Interior Designer like Hayley from Harp Interiors to get a free brand interior check..

  • Make sure your building does not suffer from sick building syndrome by getting feedback from staff and customers.

  • Keep everything clean and tidy.

  • Carry out staff training regularly and manage your staff out if they do not give the correct messages to your customer.

  • Get feedback from your customers - Hospitality businesses get this from Trip advisor, if you are not in this sector make it easy for your customers to comment on your business, don't be scared of getting feedback, it gives you the opportunity to find out how to get it right.

By carrying out regular health checks on your business like this you will ensure that your brand stays very much alive!

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