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TRAILERHayley Roy and Cheryl Sutton
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The Interior Design Podcast - A UK Based Educational Podcast

My name is Hayley, Roy and I’m an Interior Designer / Entrepreneur and owner of Harp Design and my co-host is Cheryl Sutton who is an Interior and Architectural Designer, owner of Rebels Design.

Cheryl and I have been working together on and off for 6 years and are also good friends.


We want to keep this podcast real, we are likely to throw a few F bombs,  because we’re passionate and very opinionated about what we do and what this podcast represents. And we also  love a innuendo. 


Each Podcast is going to Have 3 Sections

1. Catch up

How has our week been and what projects are we working on at the moment. 

2. Education

We bring in a guest to discuss anything interior design related, with the aim to educate.  

3. Discussion about the education

C&H – At this point we delve into a discussion around the topic or the subject that the guest speaker has presented. 

Our Aim is to provide you with a podcast that is fun, but also jampacked with lots of useful information.

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