Hospitality Design

Helping you create a space that your customers will want to return again and again.

If you are looking for a specialist Hospitality Designer you are in the right place!


At Harp Interiors we understand Restaurants, we've worked in restaurants and we know what makes them great! It's not just the interior that makes a good restaurant, it's the whole package you offer your customer - the food, service and the ambience.


With a great interior you're half way there! If you need some expert help on the interior of your premesis give us a call. Harp will help you design your restaurant to suit your customers and to suit your brand. It will save and make you money in the long term to hire a designer and make sure you've got it right. 


Your identity will be enhanced and the team at Harp will help you every step of the way to ensure you get the right look and feel that will keep your customers returning again and again.


Call us today on 01206 329062 for help and advice on what you can get from us. 


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Tel: 01206 329062


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